Bathford Parish Hall – Hire Regulations

Hire Regulations:

1. Functions:  All surplus food, recycling (including cardboard) etc to be removed away from the premises immediately after the function.

2. Jumble Sales:  All surplus jumble must be removed from the premises immediately after the sale.

3. The room is to be left in a clean and tidy condition;  tables cleaned and returned to storeroom;  partition re-erected.  The room is to be vacated on completion of session – Evening bookings by 11.30 pm.

4. No items are to be affixed in any way to the surface of the hall except on the notice boards provided.

5. Bouncy Castles and Ball Ponds are not permitted..

6. All hirings are at the discretion of the Management Committee.

7. To comply with FIRE REGULATIONS, do not exceed the maximum number of people permitted in the Hall.  This maximum number depends upon the type of function and details are posted on the Hall Notice Boards, or can be obtained from the Booking Secretary.

8. INSTRUCTIONS IN THE EVENT OF FIRE are displayed inside the Hall.  A responsible person should be nominated for their implementation.

9. All doors must be unbolted, unbarred and kept clear – but not necessarily open – for length of hire.

10. Exit lights must be switched ON.  (The switch is situated on the light fitting).

11 Hirers are responsible for safety arrangements and also reminded that they should be conversant with the relevant statutory requirements such as Health and Safety, Food Hygiene Regulations and other relevant requirements, as displayed in the kitchen.

12. NO SMOKING within the building.  The Hirers shall, and shall ensure, that the hirer’s invitees comply with the prohibition of smoking in public places.  Any person who breaches these provisions shall be asked to leave the premises.

13. Users under the age of 18: a.  Are NOT allowed to consume alcohol on the premises; and      b.  Must be supervised at all times by an adult(s).

14. The hirer shall ensure that there is no disturbances to local inhabitants and is responsible for the conduct of the other users.

15. Please report any damage promptly so that the Committee can, if appropriate, make a claim to the Hall Insurers and make prompt repairs.  All damage must be paid for.

16. The sale of alcohol on the premises will require the provision (and is the responsibility of the hirer) of a Temporary Event Notice  (T.E.N.) obtainable from B&NES (Tel 01225-396719) or “alcohol and entertainment” at least 10 working days before the event.  If a licence is obtained, a deposit of up to £50 may be required at the discretion of the Management Committee.  The Booking Secretary must also be informed of any such application.

Click Here for the Management Committee; Here for the Hire Regulations Governing use; Here for the Current Charges; and here for the timetable of Regular Users.


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Resignation of Councillor

Councillor Maureen Millbank has resigned from the Parish Council, we would like to thank her for all her efforts over many years. Following a councillors resignation, 10 parishioners can request an election be held, as per the terms in the attached file.  The post will otherwise be filled by co-option, if you are interested in becoming a Parish Councillor please contact the Clerk for more details.

CiL Spending 2018/19

Reporting period: CIL Monies received by the Council in.   2018/19 a) CIL Receipts   Total amount of CIL received in financial year (2018/19) £0     b) CIL Expenditure   Total amount of CIL spent in financial year (2018/19) £25,000     c) Items on which CIL has been spent   (i) the items to which CIL has been applied; (ii) the amount of CIL expenditure on each item Playground equipment £25,000     d) Monies requested / recovered from Parish Council (Reg 59E, 59F)   Monies which have been requested, or recovered, from the Parish Council in the financial year (2018/19) Nil     e) CIL retained   i. Total amount of CIL received in the financial year (2018/19) and retained (unspent) at the end of the reported year (2018/19) £0 ii. Total amount of CIL received in previous year(s) and retained (unspent) at the end of the reported year (2018/19) £6,177     Total CIL receipts retained (unspent) £6,177

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