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The allotments were created on the 19th May 1880 and are one of the oldest in the country. They were founded for the “labouring poor of the village” and the rules and arrangements that are in hand today are those originally enacted.

The control and management was placed in the hands of the Vicar with the aid of two wardens. From documents held by the Parish Council, it would seem that they purchased the allotment land from the executors of the will of Miss A D Skrine in 1957.

They represent an important part of our village’s social history and clearly over 125 years, these allotments have meant a great deal to a large number of parishioners.

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Bathford Flower Show

The Annual Flower Show will be held on Saturday 6th September 2008 in the Parish Hall, Church Street.
Entry forms should be handed in between 5pm and 7:30 on Wednesday 3rd September in the Parish Hall.
Entry forms are available in the Village Shop.

Tallest Sunflower Competition 2008

Results Monday 25th August 2008 at 10:00 AM

1st Prize – 10’3″ – Plot 29b – £15
2nd Prize – 9’0″ – Plot 22b – £10
3rd Prize – 8’5″ – Plot 5a – £5

Others over 7’0″

7’10” – Plot 60b
7′ 9″ – Plots 8 and 37b
7′ 6″ – Plot 25
7′ 3″ – Plot 37a

Allotment Questionnaire

The questionnaire sent out earlier in the year is available from your wardens Mike or Martin or from here as a word or Adobe document. Please print it and get it back to us to let us know what you want from the Bathford Allotments.
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23rd April 2005 10.00am

The Wardens, Stan Cherry (Parish Council Rep & Plot holder) and 12 other plot holders.

1. Introductions were made on the wettest meeting in memory!

2. It was confirmed that all plots were let and that there was a short waiting list.

3. Warnings. Several plots were not being effectively used and letters had been sent covering 8 plots.
So far 1 had resigned and several had reached the point where action was required.

4. The allotments rules were discussed and a warning issued over the use of plastic sheeting. If ground cover is required then a bio-degradable fleece is available in most garden centres.

5. Tool boxes. There has been “an outbreak of sheds“. These are specifically banned and action is being taken. It was confirmed that a tool box about 3’-0�? high and 4’-0�?x 2’-0�? is considered sensible.

6. Stan Cherry our Parish Council representative indicated that following an assessment of our water usage last year that there was no need for an increase in the water bill.

He then proposed that in accordance with last year’s decision to tie the rents into the cost of living index that the rent for next year would be £10.00 for a full plot. This proposal was accepted, but this would probably mean no increase next year unless something untoward happens to inflation.

This will mean that half plot would be £5.00 and concessions would apply.

Rent payments. Following discussions with the wardens the Parish Council had agreed to change the procedure for rent payment. In future the Clerk will send out the bill to each plot in late September in accordance with the wardens’ records of plot holders at the time. Payment will then be made to the wardens, a receipt will be issued. This will give the wardens better knowledge of the current situation and will allow the wardens to re-let plots much earlier in the season.

The central pathway and top reservation was discussed. The arrangement for cutting it 3 times per annum, had not been too successful and it was agreed that it would be done in 3 weeks time and the wardens would ask for it to be done again when it was required.

The Parish Council, in accordance with “The Village Plan�? were looking for locations and sponsors for more village seats and wondered if the allotment holders would be prepared to consider another seat somewhere on the allotments. The general feeling was that we should not invite the risk of public intervention or opportunities for vandalism on the site, but we would think about it.

7. AOB Stan suggested that in view of the weather that it may be better to meet in the Village Hall in future, but it was generally agreed that the centre butt was preferable.

Sadly 4 plot holders arrived too late for the meeting but in the circumstances a turn out of 20 was very encouraging. The meeting finished at 10.30am.

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Meadow Park Footpath

There is a new Deregulation Act, shortly to come into effect, with which we will lose the right to use unregistered footpaths. That part of the footpath from Meadow Walk through the Amenity / Woodland to Meadow Park is unregistered. Bathford PC has decided that the footpath is sufficiently important for there to be an application for its registration. To help in registering it please see the information below letter plan application form 

New Phone number 01225 858 220

Please use 01225 858 220 to contact the Parish Council It has not been possible to transfer the old number to the new line, we are in the process of updating any documentation where the number is shown.

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