Month: December 2020

CiL Reporting 2019/20

a) CIL Receipts  
Total amount of CIL received in financial year (2019/20) £7,065
b) CIL Expenditure  
Total amount of CIL spent in financial year (2019/20) £6,034
c) Items on which CIL has been spent  
(i) the items to which CIL has been applied; (ii) the amount of CIL expenditure on each item Fencing

Footpath Surfacing
d) Monies requested / recovered from Parish Council (Reg 59E, 59F)  
Monies which have been requested, or recovered, from the Parish Council in the financial year (2019/20) Nil requested
e) CIL retained  
i. Total amount of CIL received in the financial year (2019/20)  and retained (unspent) at the end of the reported year (2019/20) £1,031
ii. Total amount of CIL received in previous year(s) and retained (unspent) at the end of the reported year (2019/20) £5,998
Total CIL receipts retained (unspent) £7,029


Audit 2020 – 2021

Bathford Parish Council submitted figures to the external Auditor PKF and had the following form in return AGAR 2020 – 2021 External Audit Report

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Catering Van on Ostlings Lane

The licensing application for the catering van on Ostlings Lane was approved. The full judgement can be found here.

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Bathford Church School Fundraiser

In the absence of any school fundraising opportunities over the past year, through cake sales, Christmas fairs etc, Bathford Church School are really hopeful that you will feel able to support their fundraising for the replacement playground equipment. Full details

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